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Repo Stories

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This is a I will never forget repo I didnt take pictures but this is what happen we got a call on a repo in Ashtabula this guy was in delawere and he skiped to Ashtabula we ran a trace on him and his wife and we got 3 addresses on them his mom and dads was one on our list so I went there first thinking if I were moving in town where would I go first for a place to stay when I got there it was a long drive behind 6 foot bushes and next to the drive a no trespassing sign I could see some cars back there but couldnt see what they were on one side of drive was a house no one living in it so I pulled in there and looked around I still couldnt see so on the other side was the railroad tracks so I parked the truck and walked up the tracks and jackpot I could see everything in this guys yard but still not the car I was looking for so I took off for the next house I was driving down rt.20 I come to a red light I look up at the car in front of me and I see the same make and color of car I am looking for and its got delawere plates humm what the odds so I follwed him and what do you know he took me right to the address I was going to he pulled in the drive and I pulled behind him and blocked his car in he got out and I said how you doing today sir he said well I was having a good day till you showed up I said so you know why I am here then he said yes I do long story short he took his things out of the car and I took the car.          (CHA CHING) BDJ got this one

I had a few friends over from out of town and one of the guy's we call doc said I want to go on a repo with you so we got in the truck I had a few I was looking for in youngstown for a few weeks I really didnt think any of the cars were going to be there but just so doc could say he went on a repo. I went to this one about 3 times different times of the day and didnt see it so doc and myself BDJ went to see if this car was there and it was a white olds cutlass when we got to the house it was there in the drive pulled in and it was front wheel drive and I had no keys it was about 1:00 am the house was dark so I backed in and hooked the car from the rear still no one seen me yet so I start pulling this thing to the street in park doc says o-shit I seen a light come on in the house then doc says o-shit the front door just opened by that time I was in the street draging this car in park then doc says o-shit the guy is comming out of the house so I speeded up draging this car in park we went about 3 blocks away befor I stopped and rehooked the car from the front doc was on the edge of his seat the whole time he had fun.     (CHA CHING) BDJ got this one